Interns in the lab

Internships in the Museum

The Lloyd W. Swift Endowment Fund

The Lloyd W. Swift Endowment focuses on supporting experiential learning opportunities. If you are an undergraduate student in the Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology major, you may apply for funding for an internship with the MWFB. Click here or contact us for more information.

Remora Program

This program was designed to afford interested students and graduating seniors the opportunity to see what museum science is all about before committing to a formal MWFB internship. As a Remora Intern, you will "attach" yourself to a host MWFB Staff or Student Intern and observe museum science in action. It gives you the opportunity to shadow your host for one or more visits, a minimum of two hours per visit. Space is limited in our labs and all Remora Intern visits are made by appointment only. There is a minimum of one two-hour visit and unlimited return visits, provided a host is available. 

Activities for Remora Interns include observation of specimen preparation in the lab or specimen curation and installation in the museum. Questions can be asked by the Remora but no formal training is given. However, if your host is working on a task where they could use a couple of extra hands, you might be asked to assist as needed. If you are interested, you may return for multiple Remora visits. This has proven to be an excellent way to find students well-fitted to museum work. Remora Interns that successfully completed multiple visits will be first on the wait list of formal MWFB internships.