The Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology (MWFB) provides loans of skins, skeletons, and fluid preserved specimens for scientific research, training, and education. Bird eggs, nests, rare and type specimens are not loaned. Borrowers must ensure that they will properly house and care for specimens. Borrowers are liable for any damage that occurs. For grants of tissues from MWFB, please refer to our Destructive Sampling and Tissue Grant Policy. Research loans are made upon curator approval only to faculty, curators, and permanent research staff at recognized institutions with facilities to properly house and care for specimens. In your message, please include your institutional affiliation and a brief statement on the proposed use of the loan material. For more information please refer to our Loan Policy. Contact us for more information on possible loan fees.

Wildlife Inventories

  • vertebrate biomonitoring: live trapping, netting, visual, acoustic surveys, camera trapping
  • biodiversity surveys for all vertebrate taxa
  • specimen acquisition
  • specimen vouchering
  • Endangered Species Surveys

Specimen Support

  • species (carcass) determination
  • specimen preparation and vouchering
  • BSL2 certified


  • specimen and tissue voucher repository
  • records archives